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Dropping first EP of the year, ‘Elevated’ with UK label DMO

What is going on everyone hope the week began strong with you all. So I've got my EP Elevated finished and sent to UK label DMO for release and pretty excited to be back with some new tunes for my friends across the globe. I've released multiple tracks with DMO and they are a very dedicated label not just to the music but also their artists! Past releases have been syndicated due to their hard work and true passion. So definitely excited to see what they do with this gem.

Elevated is a multi genre 4 track EP including 3 of the 4 played on my original set at Black Circle this past Friday night with Progression Indy. With elements of Acid, Progressive melodies, catchy vocals and solid house vibes you truly will be Elevated while listening! So stay tuned for all the release details!

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