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Lotta Money Giveaway X3! Details on all giveaways below!

who doesn't like free stuffs?! Well I have decided to have a giveaway but not just 1, 3 of them! For all the support and love shown and for all who have joined the website will be entered in to the drawings but with simple instructions to how you can enter below details.

1st Giveaway is for $100 sent to your Venmo account, that simple! Drawing:January 20th

2nd Giveaway is for a dope yellow Behringer TD-3-MO modded out Anolog bassline synthesizer straight from my studio est $400 piece of goodness 😃 Drawing: February 3rd

3rd Giveaway is for a VIP Penthouse table for 6 with a $400 drink limit(paid for by me of course)for the winner and 5 guests to come vibe to My set, Uriah G, and Black V Neck at the Invy Nightclub April 8th! Final Drawing February 17th

Simple Instructions (read carefully)

Having the first of 3 Giveway chances for subscribing to Curtis Jones Music!!!

Pretty simple instructions:

1) Go to HOME page, scroll to bottom of page

2) Become a member to Curtis Jones Music by entering in email address and click JOIN.

3) Share and tag me on social media Facebook/Instagram by sharing any of the blogs from the website

4)entered in to win all Giveaways

So there you have it let's all have a good ol time and again thank you for the support and all the love!

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