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No Secrets first night at the Melody Inn!!!

No Secrets first night at the Melody was a great time! All the DJs came with their own grooves and totally let loose. G-Spot kicked off the Main Room with setting the mood for the rest of the night bringing the signature sounds of house music and the Chicago vibe. Following G-Spot was one of my personal favorites Lurky, pure utter soul from his track selection to his technic and cuts, killer set and will definitely being hearing more from Lurky in the future. Headlining this awesome night of classic house tunes was no other than the Jeffner himself, Hugh Jeffner was in the feel good zone and was having a blast showcasing his ever epic, high energy vibe and dug deep into the vault of sounds of the house underground and rocked the Melody Inn like it was the 90's. I closed out the night with a soulful, jazzy house vibe to send off everyone's night with the feeling of bliss.

The Back Room we had the partner Rich Lather opening up with those crispy Afro house sounds and superb mixing to really get the atmosphere set for the back room. Then we had Trung Ngo with a very much outstanding genre riding set the dropped the jaws of all who we're listening and watching. Impressed with this DJ and looking forward to hearing many more of Trung's epic sets. Closing out the Back Room(Officially)KHTO put on a mad scientist of a set as he always does. Such a creative DJ from his mixing to his chopping throughout his sets. Completely complemented the night and what the backroom of the Mel is known for. We also had Shibascream in the house showing his support and love to the homies and put on a short set to close out the backroom....We will be having him for an official set in the near future. Again thanks to all who came out and jammed the night away and look forward to next month, We have a great special throwback night so stay tuned.

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