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Wow! What a night at the Black Circle!

What a phenomenal night for Progression Indy's first Progression at the Black Circle of 2023 was a great time and banging sets from all of the DJ's....A milestone in my opinion on the set I played. My first ever all original tracks DJ set! Let me tell you I was a ball of nerves the whole hour and 15 minutes. However, I set out to accomplish what not many can do and honestly, I probably won't be doing it anytime soon. It did however, get me a step closer to breaking that "You are your own worst critic" on basically ever track I produce. But I want to give a big thanks to the Progression crew for bringing me on and thanks to all my friends who came out to support me and my music. Truly means a lot to me that I have so many people backing me and driving me. Video Credits to Luis Espinoza

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